Top 5 Reasons Students Give up on Graduate school

Felicia Stephens
January 30, 2019

1. The process of Admission to Grad School

I'm not going to sugar coat it.  The process of applying to therapy schools can be overwhelming if you don't have the right resources, knowledge, and information handy.  

  • You have to know how to optimize your opportunity for academic success in undergrad.  
  • You have to study for the GRE.
  • You have to observe with licensed professionals for several hours.
  • You have to complete a solid application that consists of recommendations and your personal resume and essay.
  • You may have to interview against other smart students that also want in.
  • You have to wait and find out if they chose you.


2. The Time it Takes to Finish Grad School

It will take 2 years or more to get your masters or doctorate degree. When you look at the time you will spend in graduate school it is just a small fraction of the time you have spent in your total academic life.  If someone told you that you had to dig a hole to 24 years to find a treasure that was priceless, you wouldn’t dig for 21 years and then decide to stop.  You would press on toward the prize know that your efforts are not lifelong or in vain.

3. The Cost and Debt associated with Grad School

Graduate school is not inexpensive but in the grand scheme of your future, it is well worth it. You may have to live on loans because of restrictions and barriers that do not allow you to work while pursuing your degree.

4. Less time for Family, Friends, and Relationships

You may have to say this 4-word bummer phrase “I have to study” to a lot of people that you would rather be spending your time with. Yes, you will have to study, but your family and friends are likely very supportive and now that you need to take care of business to pass important tests and practicals.  You may choose to not get married while in school but many graduate students get engaged in grad school and plan the wedding for right after graduation.  Should you be one of those who finds a mate who is willing to support you financially and emotionally through graduate school, then you are fortunate; such patience and sacrifice are admirable qualities in a spouse. 

5. That Rejection Letter.

You may have gotten a “NO” already and you are afraid and discouraged to put yourself out there again. If you weren’t glad you read this blog already, you need to get happy now.  There is still hope if you take the right steps on your next attempt.

All of these reasons are valid excuses for not pursuing your dream of becoming a future therapist working your dream and changing lives.  But these not GOOD EXCUSES for a truly passionate student that has hopes and aspirations of achieving a degree that can give them a great career in an awesome field that can better your life and the lives of others.

Here’s why if you truly have a dream of being a graduate-level health care profession with the title of DPT, OTR or SLP you should NEVER GIVE UP!


My proven success tools can get you through this process seamlessly with no doubts or anxiety looming in the air adding stress to your already busy life.