How to Write a Standout Personal Statement

Felicia Stephens
July 31, 2018

What makes you unique? How can you stand out amongst the all the other qualified applicants that want to get that spot in PT, OT or SLP school? Your essay/statement will be an excellent opportunity for you to tell the admission committee who you are and why you are pursuing graduate school.

These 7 pointers will help you upgrade your letter into a portrait of an impressive candidate highlighting your passion and uniqueness. You will be able to compose a statement that will make the reader stop and say “I would really like to know this person” and place your documents in the “YES” pile.

Here are 7 Ways to Stand Out in your Writing:

Have a Gripping opening.

Your letter is going to be one of many letters that the admission committee members read, you want your letter to grip their attention and hold it to the page. The admission committee usually wants to know right out of the gate, why are you interested in this particular field of study and why you chose it. Be enthusiastic but specific about that fact in the beginning.

Choose a relevant Theme.

You have had a lot of experiences, dreams, goals, and desires but you need to choose the direction that you want to go in and focus on that route. Paint a picture that is clear and easy to comprehend. Don't give them something scattered and random to try to figure out or get lost in.

Show you are well rounded.

They will know that you are smart, willing and able to pursue a dream by just looking at your application and stats. Express to them that you are sincere, compassionate, innovative, and exceptional in your essay. Things that are not visible when looking at GPAs, GRE scores and observation hours. What are the outstanding qualities that you want to highlight? What do you want them to know that is remarkable or special in your experiences or life journey.

Express why you want in.

Tell your unique and genuine story about why you want to be a PT, OT or SLP. Make it personal and authentic without going on and on about how you wish so badly to get in. And please don't beg! (A Blog about Bad Writing is Coming Soon)

Show your ability to balance successfully.

If you have all that is required to apply to a graduate therapy program, then you know how to balance a lot. Tell them how you have managed to make excellent grades all while being very involved in your community, sports, work, etc. But don't just rewrite your resume in your essay.

Be positive and honest about weaknesses.

Address the areas of apparent weakness in a positive light and then move on. Don't dwell on them. If you have all, it takes to apply to their program you can still be a strong and competitive applicant.

Make a compelling close

When the reviewer makes it to the end of your letter you want it them to have been captivated by you. You want to give them a feeling of “I have to meet this person.” You want to close in a way that makes you appear irresistible. Leave them wanting to get one step closer to you in an interview or just “flat-out acceptance.

Writing a powerful, genuine and attention catching personal statement or essay can produce a lot of pressure and stress in your life. You will be applying to some of the most competitive programs in health care, and you want admission committee members to notice and remember you. Don’t try to do this alone!….Click here for a Free consultation for a custom admission package and receive a personal statement review, assessment of strengths and weakness and much much more.