Organizing for Success Minus the Mess: 7 Tips to Stay Organized when Applying to Therapy Grad School

Felicia Stephens
December 29, 2017

Many students have a hard time staying organized in a process that can be complicated, muddled and messy if not well planned out. I have given you 7 impactful tips to stay organized for success in applying to graduate therapy program(s).

1. Use my timeline.

This is a game changing guide for you to order your steps on the Path to Acceptance. Click here to download for free.

2. Actively log and update a principal calendar/planner/schedule.

Update or pencil in your events either by phone, web or a physical calendar. Track all your life and school events as well, not just application deadlines and to-do items. This will help you have the big picture for easier prioritizing.

3. Log deadlines and important dates from the school(s) that you are applying to.

Do not let these dates sneak up on you. Visit school website and look up their application deadlines and important events. Log these dates well in advance so that you are prepared and submit early.

4. Make weekly to-do lists.

Narrow down your task and goals for an added layer of discipline and commitment to your schedule. This is also a way to focus on pressing tasks without getting overwhelmed.

5. Get creative                                              

If you are a visual learner color code entry in your calendar or planner and/or add stickers to each task or event type (work, meeting, class, school, application steps, social, etc.) to keep it all straight.  Set funny alarm sounds for very important times and events.

6. Visit the Centralized Application Service Website

Many schools use one centralized site for students to apply to their program. Visit the application service site for your desired graduate therapy career to get an idea of when the many schools set their deadlines.

  • For Physical Therapy application service: visit PTCAS
  • For Occupation Therapy application service: visit OTCAS
  • For Speech Language Pathology application service: visit CSDCAS

7. Work With Me

Ordering my Custom Admission Package that includes checklist, worksheets, timelines, deadlines and more.

In Summary,

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