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Spring into Volunteering
Felicia Stephens
March 6, 2019

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your community, discover new interests, explore health careers, meet potential mentors, make friends and have fun.

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Top 5 Reasons Students Give up on Graduate school

There are many reasons for not pursuing your dream of becoming a future therapist and changing lives. But here are 5 reasons that are not GOOD EXCUSES!

WORK while you WAIT!

One of the key steps on the Path to Acceptance is Experience. Experience can encompass many things but today we will focus on work experience.

Physical Therapists Do What?

‍Many people may not know about the interesting and outside of the box roles that physical therapists (PTs) can play in the lives of their patients. If you think that all PTs do is massage and exercise their patients, then your mind will be reset today.

How to Write a Standout Personal Statement

Your essay/statement will be an excellent opportunity for you to tell the admission committee who you are and why you are pursuing graduate school.

Occupational Therapists Do What Now? 5 Unique Career Paths of Gifted OTs.

Many people may not know about the awesome, distinct, and special roles that occupational therapist (OT) can play in the lives of their patients. If you think that OT is a basic job with basic skills then you will have your mind changed today.

Top OT Gifts for under $25

Occupational Therapists are some of the most clever, creative and caring professional in all of health care. Their gifts certainly deserve a thoughtful treat of some kind.

5 Mixed Stages of Emotion After Getting Accepted to your PT, OT or SLP Grad School

Go from a Future Hopeful PT, OT or SLP to a Future PT, OT or SLP. It is a great feeling to live out your dream so keep dreaming and understand these 5 emotional stages.

Therapist Interview: What is expected of students during observation hours for admission to grad school?

I have had the privilege of interviewing a great therapist that is a coordinator for student observers and shadowers and a very good friend of mine. Keep reading to find out what she expects from a student observer or shadowing student.

The Most Important Details to Consider When Researching Future Therapy Grad Schools

In researching schools to apply there are many factors to consider. Felicia will focus on the main 5 factors you want to consider when deciding which PT, OT and SLP schools to apply.

5 Essential Study Tips for Grad Applicants To Master the GRE for Free

The GRE, along with your academic performance, is one of the commonly reviewed objective scores to predict how you will perform in graduate school. Here are some tips to prepare for this important step on the Path to Acceptance.

Diversity Dreams

Chloe has never seen being a minority as a barrier, if anything she celebrates it, teaches others, and uses it to showcase my different life experiences. It is so important first of all to embrace who you are and never stray away from that!

Best Books: Top 5 Absolute Must Reads Before your Interview for Grad School

Are you anxious about interviewing for PT, OT or SLP school? I have listed my favorite books for any type of interview.

Map Out 2018: Plan Your Path To Acceptance

It's goal setting season again. It's time to map out what you want to do, and what you need to do to have success this year.

How to Ace Dreaded Pre-reqs and Hard Science Courses Before you Apply to Therapy Grad School

Here are 5 tips to Ace those courses that you would avoid if you could, but you have to them take to get into PT, OT, and SLP school.

Organizing for Success Minus the Mess: 7 Tips to Stay Organized when Applying to Therapy Grad School

Many students have a hard time staying organized in a process that can be complicated, muddled and messy if not well planned out. I have given you 7 impactful tips to stay organized for success in applying to graduate therapy program(s).

I Can Only Imagine

I am so excited to be writing this post because it’s my first official blog post EVER!!! ‍This post is an intro to my dream and passion. Thank you for being a part of it.

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